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About Jessica


About Me...

Hi there, I'm Jessica. I'm a Quad Cities photographer and professional makeup artist based in Bettendorf, Iowa. Ready for travel! I am a mom to one teenage daughter and girlfriend of 8 years to the best guy ever! We live together in a house full of rescued furbabies...and a turtle, Frank.

I have always worked in a creative field. Right out of college, I was a music teacher. When I was a teenager I wanted to be on Broadway when I grew up. Not like, "oh it'd be cool to be on Broadway", like I really thought that was what I would do. I even got an invite to a special school in NYC where they train you to do just that. But, 18-year-old girls from tiny towns in Iowa don't do that. So, I took the "safe" route and went to college to be a music teacher. It didn't take long for me to figure out that teaching middle school and high school choir wasn't the path for me and in 2004 my career took a shift.

Where does photography come in? I have always loved photography. I have a terrible memory (like really, really bad). In fact, I remember very little of my childhood. I think I've always been the person taking photos at every event, well before everyone in the room was doing that. After my daughter was born in 2001, I used to set up my own little shoots with her at home. I hated the "expected" annual Sears pictures where she would stand next to a giant number of whatever age she was and cheese it up. I have those pics and I'll keep them forever. But, the ones that are my favorites and I still have on the walls to this day, are the ones where I took her out to the park or my parents house in the country. I would follow her around with my Father-in-law's film SLR and take pictures of her playing in the flowers and running in the grass.

In 2014 I began to pursue photography as a business, with a focus on pets. I love getting down on the floor and capturing the world from a dog or cat's perspective and even better their relationship with their people. I will continue to focus on pets in my photography as I see it as a special focus, and I love it. But, I realized quickly that I was doing myself a disservice and limiting myself by not being open to other areas of photography. I was getting just as much interest in taking family photos without pets and in 2017 I shot my first wedding. It took me about one hot second to fall in love with capturing all those yummy moments and details. 

I love moments. I love connection. I love showing feelings, good and bad. I love telling stories through photography and these are the things I hope to share here. I'm excited to see how we finish up 2018! 

For more about me, my life, my shooting style and the wine I'm probably drinking, follow me on Instagram. Shoot me a message to let me know you're there!!