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Quad Cities Photographer based in Bettendorf, Iowa. Relaxed and creative photography specializing in documenting Families, Couples, Weddings, Pets and Events.

From "Pet Photographer"...


Well, what started out in 2014 as an idea to focus my photography on PETS has evolved in to more. I love animals and we have a house full. Our pets are like children to us. So, I planned that focus with a love and passion for showcasing pets and their people. No one in our area was focusing on pets exclusively in their photography business, so this made complete sense to me.

The truth is, I have always loved shooting people. I am inspired by all relationships and stories. I love to show connection and beautiful or not so beautiful moments. I am also very inspired by fashion photography and the beauty industry. But like many others, I was intimidated by the number of great photographers out there. In an effort to really set myself apart along with my serious love for our 4-legged family members, I chose to focus my efforts around pets...so came 4-Legged Stories Pet Photography.

Recently though, I find myself feeling limited. I want to share some of the other projects I have going and feel free to pursue and continue to push myself in other areas. And now, almost 3 years later, I have my first wedding on the books. WHOA! So now is the time. Time to shake things up.

I am not forgetting the fur babies. This is a passion of mine and it's not going away. But, I feel re-inspired and without restrictions. This is exciting!! I'm making over my office in the process and feeling motivated to start working on ideas I've been holding on to for a while. No longer am I going to limit myself. I will continue to share my love for 4-Legged Stories, but I no longer feel restricted or intimidated or resistant to push myself and share whatever projects we have going on over here. So...welcome to JFriedrichs Design.